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Lohorung Yakhkhaba Yuyong is an autonomous and representative organization of Lohorung community at national level. It has been formally registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu under the social Act of Government of Nepal (GoN) in 1999 (2056 BS). The Yuyong has been working for social and economic development as well as for language and culture development of the Lohorung community from its inception. Its central office is located at Talchhi Khel-14, Lalitpur. It has also primary committees in the villages of Pangma, Diding, Heluwa and Bardeo of Sakhuwasabha.

Working Strategy

Organizing and mobilizing the Lohorung community to enable for claiming their rights is the major strategy of the Lohorung Yakhkhaba Yuyong. For this, it has been conducting awareness campaign about the rights of the people and their obligation. It has also focused on organizational development of the Lohorung communities at the grass-roots level. Particularly, the LYS is providing support for their management capacity enhancement.

Establishment of network alliance is also a strategy for the campaign. Both internal network and network/alliances with other like–minded organizations is also taken as a strategy for collective efforts.

Economic empowerment process is another strategy. Until and unless the community members are well off economically, organization development becomes uncertain/incomplete. So it has been making efforts for access to resources. For this, the LYS is organizing\arranging skill trainings, and looking for opportunities for linkages.

Research/study will be carried out on the language spoken by the community, culture, arts, traditional knowledge and skills and efforts will also be made towards development/ promotion of them. Protection and promotion of bio-diversity will be made among the Lohorung communities’ for the development.

The LYS does not implement its program activities directly through the central level. Instead, it implements through the respective local committee (village unit) with direct involvement of local people from the very beginning. This process is expected  to support the local peoples’ capacity enhancement.

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