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Lohorung Yakhkhaba Yuyong is an autonomous and representative organization of Lohorung community at national level. It has been formally registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu under the social Act of Government of Nepal (GoN) in 1999 (2056 BS). The Yuyong has been working for social and economic development as well as for language and culture development of the Lohorung community from its inception. Its central office is located at Talchhi Khel-14, Lalitpur. It has also primary committees in the villages of Pangma, Diding, Heluwa and Bardeo of Sakhuwasabha.

Lohorungs and their situation

The Lohorungs are one of the indigenous communities of Nepal, having their own language, culture, history and tradition. They have their own social structure for their whole social life cycle. They are endogamous in particular. Lohourng Yakhkhaba community had its own economic activities within the group prior to the modernization period. Their traditional land is in one of the remotest part of the country is called Upper Arun Valley of Sankhuwa Sava District. Presently At present, the Lohorung communities are living in 9 different districts of Nepal and the Indian State of West Bengal – Darjeeling, Kalingpong, Sikkim. However, the major settlements are in Sankhuwasabha, Ilam, Morang, Sunsari, Jhapa, Tehrathum and Kathmandu. The total population of the Lohorung is estimated around to be 100,000 - 150,000.

Lohorung community is one of the most marginalized ethnic groups in the country. As this community is resided in the  remote hilly areas, the basic infrastructures and services like motor able roads, electricity, clean drinking water, education, communication and health services are not available to their residing areas. The majority of the Lohorungs are depended on traditional agriculture. Due to the unproductive land conditions, they are not able to produce adequate food from their farms. They do not have education and therefore have no access to productive resources and decision making process. They are compelled to migrate in search of pottering and agriculture labor for their livelihood.   

After the restoration of multi-party democracy in Nepal, the government has established National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN) under the NFDIN Act-2058 with the aim of mainstreaming the marginalized ethnic groups. The NFDIN, an autonomous body is established under the Ministry of Local Development being registered as a separate group under the special programmes for the development of indigenous nationalities chaired by the Prime Minister. The Lohorung community has adequate bases for NFDIN Act-2058 as other group like Gurung, Tamang and Magar. But it has been denied registration to establish its identity as the “Lohorung Community”, reason, the Lohorung community has been  continuously deprived of the development opportunities. The Lohorung Yakhkhaba along with other is continuously making efforts towards its solution or registration as separate group.
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